Sustainability, Scissors & New Styles.

Fast Fashion is a deep concern from a sustainability perspective. As we all know by now it is a common issue in Australia. Look up any sustainable web page to read the statistics. Unless we do something now we aren’t providing a very promising future for generations to come. At Style Workroom we are trying to do our bit to support the slow fashion movement and zero waste. All our vintage items are hand picked from a variety of small suppliers world wide. The common goal is to reduce our carbon footprint. We always knew the rag trade was tough but it is the second dirtiest trade in the world, next to Oil.

One thing we have started to do at Style Workroom is up-style (remake) vintage items into new garments. Your winter plaid pant can easily become a cute pair of shorts in time for summer. If you look at our new arrivals for August you will see we have beautifully up-styled some corduroy shorts in a variety of colours. It is pretty exciting to think you are the only person who has this pair of shorts! Our Style Workroom range is also made by small producers with fair wages. Some of our Vintage garments are our inspiration for new collections.

It is time we all try and change the way we think about fashion. Let's face it we all like to shop; we need to think first and cut down the waste. Vintage threads can look amazing. Our August online release is all Vintage and tells a story. Now it can be your turn to build it's character. The team at Style Workroom are tight  and we all look after each other. If you do get to visit us in-store at Peregian Beach don’t be surprised if the scissors come out.

SWR xx